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I setup Lawn and Garden Tools to share my experience in lawn and gardening. Taking care of a garden is both a form of exercise and relaxation. You can relieve stress as you go about your gardening. Although, it can be soothing and calming to many people, it is actually a very physical activity. Hence, some basic lawn and garden tools are important to make your work easier. Here are some pointers on the essential lawn and garden tools.

The Lawn Mower

The lawn mower is an essential lawn and garden tool for keeping your lawn grass trim and healthy, especially if you have a sizeable lawn. There are two types of lawn mowers, the manual lawn mower and the power lawn mower. The manual lawn mowers required some physical exertion to operate but for a small lawn, they are more cost effective.

Trimmers and Shears

Garden trimmers are very basic of lawn and garden tools that are used to trim a relatively small lawn and the edges of this lawn. They can also be used to trim and shape hedges. If they are large enough, they can be used to cut off small wayward branches or thick stems. There are many different types of lawn and garden tools that can do the job of garden trimmers but for cutting foliage, flowers and wayward small branches, the more efficient ones are hedge shears and garden shears.

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Watering Can and Garden Hose

Do not overlook the simple watering can and garden hose, your garden's health depend on them. These lawn and garden tools are among the very basic lawn and garden tools necessary for a healthy garden. You have to match the watering can to the types of plant you have, as over-watering is not good for your garden. The water distributes the necessary nutrients which plants absorbed through their roots. Over-watering can deprive the plants of the nutrients as they will be washed away too quickly.

Garden Rake and Spading Fork

A garden rake is basically used to level soil that has been turned up. The rake can also be used to sweep up dead leaves and other large objects. The spading fork is used to dig up soil. These simple lawn and garden tools are often required for re-planting or for preparing new ground for planting.

Taking good care of your garden will necessitate the purchase of these basic lawn and garden tools like the ones mentioned above. These are the more useful general lawn and garden tools while the other lawn and garden tool may only have very specific functions. For a novice gardener, getting these basic lawn and garden tools will be enough to handle most of the gardening tasks.

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